Dr Janne (Jan) Clara Lindrum

BA(Hons) First Class, ATCL, DCA

Janne (Jan) Lindrum was born into a family of British and Australian champions within the sound of Bow Bells London in 1950 and refers to herself as a Cockney/Aussie.

The early part of Jan’s career was spent working full-time in marketing and business development in the legal industry and teaching and directing dramatic art performances part-time.
Graduating with a BA (Hons) First Class from Notre Dame University Sydney (2009), Jan completed the first year of a PhD under the supervision of Professor Gerry Turcotte in 2010, achieving a Doctorate in the
CreativeArts under the supervision of Oral Historian, author and documentary filmmaker Dr Siobhan McHugh and Academic Author Professor Cathy Cole at the University of Wollongong (2015).

Losing Professor Turcotte to Canada was a terrible blow but Jan remembered what Professor Turcotte had told her: “Whatever you do in your life from here on, you must complete the story of The Uncrowned King.” To this end, she completed a doctorate in the creative arts at the University of Wollongong under the supervision of Dr Siobhan McHugh and Professor Cathy Cole. Her degree was conferred in October 2015. Published for over a decade in Who’s Who of Australian Women, The Uncrowned King is Jan’s debut work.