Are we harming the minds of the young and impressionable?

Are we hiding behind closed doors, closing a blind-eye, failing to take responsibility?

Are our priorities out-of-kilter?

Is our society in a state of regress?

Alcohol, drug and gambling addiction
Rising rates of suicide
Intellectual ineptitude
Immoral and unethical conduct
Road rage
Gun rage
On-going warmongering
Lust for more and more high-powered weaponry
Disrespect to parents and teachers
Taxpayer dollars into stadiums rather than into education, health and aged care

It is inconceivable that women in powerful positions in Hollywood remained ‘silent’ when they knew of Weinstein’s sickening behaviour. It is critical each and every citizen speaks out when they observe wrongful conduct and they take responsibility; which means doing something about it.

Amanda Vanstone’s article sums it up. You can read it here.

Society should take a good look at itself in the mirror.

From an acting perspective, it is a tragedy that we have sailed into an era when the art of the actor is, in many cases, determined by the height, weight and looks of the actor rather than his/her acting ability.

Perhaps actors and audiences would be better served if directors held “open/ transparent” auditions, rather than auditions on casting couches and/or make selections on the “who you know” or “who you are related to” principle.

The motion picture industry has dished out a heap of absolute garbage over the last thirty-years and I question the impact of violent and sexually explicit movies and television programs, as well as reality television and damaging advertising campaigns.

I have written many letters to government urging a ban on gambling advertisements. Alcohol, drug and gambling addiction hurts not just one life but a chain of lives.