Sporting Icon, World Professional Snooker Champion and Australian Professional Billiards and Snooker Champion for over 33 years HORACE LINDRUM was inducted as a Legend into the NSW Sporting Hall of Fame in 1982 and into the relatively newly formed NSW Billiards & Snooker Hall of Fame on Saturday 14 July 2018. It was acknowledged that Horace Lindrum is the greatest cue sports champion that has ever emerged from the State of New South Wales.

The induction was part of the Ian Chappell Classic Tournament Event held at the Blacktown Workers’ Club. Janne expressed her gratitude to Ian Chappell, the Executive and Administrative staff of the NSW Association, the President and Administrative staff at the Blacktown Workers’ Club, Friends of the Cue Sports and the good souls in the areas of hospitality at the club who made her feel so welcome and worked hard to make the evening a success.

Janne congratulated Alex Render for working hard to turn a dream into a reality, Todd Haywood for his kind and generous comments about her father and his exceptional compering skills. She also congratulated the other inductees who included\Roger Farebrother. During the tournament, Roger recorded a snooker break of 141.

Emphasis was placed on the qualities of a champion:

– Physical
– Social
– Moral and
– Intellectual excellence

and on the fact that winners are those who enter the competition.  To lose to a worthy opponent is to be grateful for lessons learned. To win against a worthy opponent is to be grateful to the opponent for providing a stepping stone for your personal growth.

In the words of Welsh Poet John Rowlands:

“A man/woman’s PURPOSE is to find his/her PURPOSE in life.”

To do that we all need a helping hand and, sometimes, that helping hand comes in the shape of a worthy opponent and at other times in the shape of a monstrous challenge. Whatever the shape, one must not lose sight of the purpose.