Dear Prime Minister…

I am sure you were watching the 4-Corners program on the ABC that aired recently.

I am seriously concerned that the Federal Government may not have done its homework on the Adani Corporation just as it didn’t do its homework on Barakat International Dubai.

For that reason, I am posing a number of questions in this communique and should be most grateful to receive a response to same. Before posing my questions I note that Mark Vaile is on a committee involved in relation to granting approvals/funding to Adani.

Mark Vaile was also involved in relation to taxpayer investment in Barakat. Millions of taxpayer dollars were lost on the Dubai project; a project which had the potential to financially ruin farmers across our nation.

I received promises from Mark Vaile (then Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. He failed to make good on those promises and my questions in relation to the Dubai project remained “unanswered”.

Khemlani, Barakat, Adani…????

In my book Next Chapter: In the Lindrum Blood stream, I dedicate a chapter to the failed Dubai project.



Is the Prime Minister able to confirm that his government has carried out all the checks and balances to ensure that there will be no damage to the Barrier Reef, no damage to underground water supply, no reduction in the quality of bore water, no risk to food and water to feed people, crops and livestock?

Has the Prime Minister sighted a copy of Adani’s Annual report? Is the Prime Minister able to make this document available for review by the Australian people?

Is it true that the Adani Corporation is involved in tax evasion and money laundering?

Has the Australian Federal Government fully investigated these claims?

What is the outcome of those investigations? Is the Federal Government prepared to make its findings available to the Australian taxpayers in order that the Australian taxpayers can make a judgment call as to whether or not investment in Adani is prudent or otherwise?

Is the Prime Minister able to provide the people with a cost/risk analysis? Is the Federal Government prepared to make this analysis available to the people? If so, when will same be available for review? If not, why not?

How real is the guarantee to provide 10,000 jobs?

If the guarantee is ‘real’, are the jobs full-time or part-time? What are the salary ranges for engagement in this enterprise? For what period will these employees have a guarantee of employment?

Who is funding these jobs? Adani Corporation or the Australian taxpayer?

What are the health risks associated with this project? Has the Federal Government sought medical opinion? If so, from whom? Is the Federal Government prepared to make these findings available to the Australian people?

Has the Federal government fully investigated the Adani operations on the east and west coast of India?

Has the Federal government engaged independent officers to interview the every-day person affected by Adani activities on east/west coast of India?

Why is the Federal government considering ploughing taxpayer money into dirty coal rather than into renewables?


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