The Atomic Bomb Museum in Nagasaki

I was rendered speechless after visiting the Atomic Bomb Museum in Nagasaki and I felt physically unwell.

Dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a war crime; the greatest act of “inhumanity” the world has ever experienced; because of the impact on families, their descendants and the whole of mankind.

At 11.02am on 9 August 1945, the clocks stopped in Nagasaki. Japanese surrender was announced 6 days later. This surrender was supposed to bring the world “PEACE”.

Instead, (according to facts revealed inside the Museum) Russia has an arsenal of 6,800 nuclear weapons, the USA 7,000 and China 3 whilst Australia is proposing to spend billions on defence instead of on EDUCATION, HEALTH, AGED CARE, CULTURE, SOLVING SOME OF THE HORRIFIC PROBLEMS OF OUR SOCIETY, for example alcohol, tobacco, gambling, drug addiction, road rage, domestic violence, transportation nightmares, gender inequality, wage disparity, taxation burden which lead to a flourishing black economy, overgenerous political entitlements, political entitlements and political corruption in the bureaucracy.

The word “PEACE” means “freedom from disturbance, tranquillity, harmony, order, goodwill, friendship, non-aggression, non-violence.”

A copy of the photograph of the stoic Japanese orphan “The boy in Nagasaki”, carrying his dead younger brother on his back, standing at the cremation pyre, trying to prepare himself to cremate his brother, (photograph by Joe O’Donnell who was sent by the US Military to document the damage inflicted on the Japanese homeland caused by air raids of fire bombs and atomic bombs), should hang in the chamber of every parliament across the world and inside our classrooms to serve as a reminder of the “reality” that man has the capacity to be evil and we need to find ways and means to eradicate the foul, corrupt, depraved, degenerate, vicious, demonic, fiendish, cruel, dark, black-hearted part of man’s nature.



Take the lead from the 120 nations who have adopted a treaty to BAN nuclear weapons and sign on the dotted line; Reverse the decision to spend billions on defence and to reallocate those funds to good ends.

Demand that the New South Wales Government reverse the decision to waste money on building Sports Stadiums when we, the people, need the money spent on Education, Health, Aged Care etc.

Allocate substantial funds to the Arts for projects that entertain and bring joy and happiness so that we don’t need to educate our 5-year-olds in the art of “Depression and Mental Health.”

Of course, people are going to become depressed and suffer mental illness if we continue to permit the projection of violence into our living rooms. Examples, Law & Order, Underbelly: Chopper. Directors, producers and proprietors of television licenses, filmmakers, advertisers and funding bodies need to be held to account.

Little wonder 5-Year-olds are depressed walking down George Street and seeing people sleeping on the streets.

PEACE Petition

Please help me stop President Trump from calling upon his diplomats to sell weapons manufactured in the USA to countries across the world. Send me your support for my petition and ask everybody you know to join me in this task. The world needs peace not war, weapons factories should be outlawed and weapons destroyed. You can’t kill someone who looks like you if you have no access to weapons.

Let’s lead the way Australia.


The current proposal to open selective schools is yet another ploy to dumb down Australians. If you want your child in a selective school they need to work for a position. The Ministers proposal won’t work. It will hold back the gifted and talented and shackle them with the bone lazy. The experiment was tried some years ago by opening the doors at Newtown School of Performing Arts. Impossible for a child of 12 who has never engaged with the arts to compete with an actor, pianist/musician/dancer who has sacrificed their childhood to 8 hours of practice a day.

The Education system is broken and clutching at straws or pulling out packets of bandaids won’t fix it.

Those working in essential services need to be properly and fairly remunerated; teachers need proper classrooms and greater resources.


Ask yourselves the question:

“What kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us?”