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‘The Lindrums were a family of champions, mainly in billiards and snooker, but also in primary industry (winemaking) and entertainment (dixie-land jazz and the big wheeled bicycle).’

The first member of the Lindrum family to arrive in Australia was my great-greatgrandfather Friedrich Wilhelm Von Lindrum. He arrived as a passenger aboard a tiny ship in 1849 carrying with him two skills; his billiard playing and his winemaking; but it was his billiard playing that would be first put to the test. His win against the great British champion John Roberts Snr., signalled the start of the Lindrum legend; five world-class champions in the same discipline in only four generations; my father, Horace Lindrum was the last member of the Lindrum billiard playing aristocracy.

The Lindrum Family Tree (.pdf)

Jan is the Managing Director of the Lindrum Group of companies; family owned and operated, we are focused on Property, Education and the Arts.

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To do what we can to make education entertaining and accessible.
To do what we can to eliminate poverty and illiteracy

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My Nan by Michael Ross Lindrum Shortall

My Nan was born in mighty England, but was Australian to the Core.
She helped break codes at Bletchley Park and spent much time travelling far ashore.
Nan lived through the Nazi’s bombs, seeing that whole damn thing through.
And after that, she Married Horace, and started over very much anew.

My Nan organized the Champion’s tours. Supporting and travelling overseas.
Always present in fine couture. Visiting most of the planet’s continents with ease.

Nan re-married Dr Hugh, a Captain in the Rats of Tobruk.
Their slogan. ‘’No Surrender’’, even though the Ground often shook.

She was a writer, a publisher and all that.
Federal President of the Women’s Writer’s Society.
And could tell a good story in nothing flat.

A wonderful mother to two children, Grandmother to three,
And Great-Grandmother to two more …I know they all gave her much glee.

But for me, Nan lived and shall always live, on Collaroy Plateau.
In two fine houses, one she built and liked to often show.

Nan will always be loved for her famous Szechuan,
Her homemade mince pies, her famous pickles …many prizes she should have won.

Loved for her Christmas gatherings, her big hugs, her caring nature,
And with skills in gin rummy and backgammon, a prominent feature.

Loved for bringing me up on MASH, the Goodies, the A Team, the Greatest American Hero;
Dr Who was often a theme.

Loved for her friendship, her mateship, her humour, and everything in between.
Loved for simply looking after me, always the jumping bean.

Whilst her memory may have had faded and her frailty may have set in,
Her matriarch presence will always be present, and as to the later years, at some stage I’ll get to fill her in.
You’re forever in my heart, my Nan and until we meet again.
All these happy memories are the ones I will retain.

I’ll miss you my friend.
Love your grandson Michael


Freidrich Lindrum, winner of Australia’s first international Gold Medal for South Australian Shiraz and the vessel The Princess Louise