Dr Janne (Jan) Clara Lindrum
BA (Hons) First Class, ATCL, DCA

Based in Australia, Jan is a project originator and entrepreneur who has brought significant high profile investment into Australia which has served as a stimulus for economic growth and the creation of employment opportunities. Championing a number of innovative enterprises at any one time, she possesses a passion for people and place, boundless energy and enthusiasm, relishes a challenge and counts herself fortunate to swim in a sea with professionals who share the view that life is a grand adventure.

Lindrum International Pty Limited is a family-owned company which was established to turn visions, concepts and dreams into realities. Our mission is to forge friendships with like-minded corporations all over the world and to do whatever it takes to subvert “bottom line” thinking and to supplant it with “taking the long-term view” which nurtures the artistic soul while appreciating the need to ensure projects are commercially viable. To have one without the other is to fail to leave a legacy of merit.

SPARK Solar Orchid®

SPARK HomeFarm™

SPARK Solar Beach Hut®

The Sydney Kiss