Roger Farebrother wins the 2016 Bob Hawke AC Australian Open Snooker Championship.

A note to Jan Lindrum from the current champ

Dear Jan,

You made me feel so proud of this achievement.
I didn’t realise how close this makes me feel to your dad.
When I first started playing snooker, I bought Horace’s book and my journey
I will always remember the respect he brought to Snooker and Billiards.
Thank you for reminding me.
Best Wishes


And before Roger there was Horace Lindrum…

Horace Lindrum came out of retirement from competitive play at the request of the Australian Association in 1963 to aid flagging interest in the sport. He was 51 years old and won the championship that year. This magnanimous gesture on his part opened the door to the successful Pot Black series which heralded the rise of champion Eddie Charlton.

The trophy you see here in the picture was donated to the NSW Amateur Association by my father in 1952 after his win of the World Professional Snooker Championship. The trophy was intended to nurture young players.

Without consultation with the family, the trophy was converted for use in the Australian Open.

The winner inscribed for 1963 is Frank Harris and not my father. Frank Harris won the Amateur championship in 1963.  The trophy is housed at Mounties at Mt Pritchard. Requests to amend the trophy by by inscribing Horace Lindrum as the winner of the Australian Open 1963 and Frank Harris as the winner of the Amateur Championship 1963 have fallen on deaf ears. This issue is raised in the book, The Uncrowned King.

Perhaps the championship should be renamed The Horace Lindrum Open.