Jan Janne Lindrum In The Blood

Behind every great book, based on real people and real situations there is always a great deal of research. The attached download provides the story behind the biography of The Uncrowned King.

Family, Nation & Sport: Writing The Uncrowned King

Born into a slum, the product of a rape, transported to a household of champions whilst his mother suffered the humiliation of a bigamy trial, Horace Lindrum elected “TO BE” and the story of his life’s journey is, not only inspirational, but contains in itself the greatest lesson of all; no matter how hard it gets, never give in and never, never, never compromise your principles.

Family, Nation & Sport: Writing The Uncrowned King is the story behind Jan’s ten year journey; from the edge of the precipice (literally having nothing but sheer guts and determination) to E-Book.

Through Family, Nation & Sport, she questions the way nations tell their national stories and poses the question:  Are we moulding the sort of society we wish to bequeath to our descendants?

A fascinating read, the work pricks and prods at the collective global consciousness in an attempt to wake it from its Midsummer Night’s slumbers.

Download your free copy of Family, Nation & Sport: Writing The Uncrowned King here and discover the journey behind the epic first chapter of the Lindrums’

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Janne dedicates ‘Lindrum: In the Blood’ to Captain Arma Gennaro and the Ship’s Company of the Sea Princess.