LINDRUM: In the Blood, an absorbing family saga

There’s no family quite like the Lindrums, and no author better placed to tell their story from the inside than Jan Lindrum. The author sums up her colourful origins this way: “I was born into a household of champions, drama queens, jazz babies and winemakers.”

In LINDRUM: The Uncrowned King, the first volume of Jan’s LINDRUM trilogy, she told the tale of her famous father Horace, her mother Joy, her great-uncles Frederick and Walter, and their trials and triumphs in the world of billiards and snooker. Horace Lindrum was a wizard with the cue, a true champion, who charmed, entertained and astonished audiences all around the world with his rare virtuosity and theatrical presence.

It was a privilege for Jan to travel with her father and her mother Joy and see Horace’s career unfolding across Australia and around the world. In this series she writes vividly in books that sometimes read like novels: plot, setting, character and event unfold in a tale unique to the Lindrums, of great sporting and personal struggle and achievement.

However, the weighty legacy of family fame sometimes seemed a burden to Jan. She felt that she must honour and aspire to their achievements but at first could not see how. At times Jan even wondered whether she should set fire to the family history and leave the ashes behind. Then the breakthrough came: Jan found her voice as the bard of the family, the intelligent, articulate and persistent writer who would preserve the Lindrum legacy.

In this book, LINDRUM: In the Blood, the second volume of the trilogy, the author pursues the memory of her beloved mother. Jan pays tribute to Joy’s invaluable role in running the family business and supporting Horace’s success while she held a loving family together.

On a voyage aboard Sea Princess in 2017, as Jan continued to write this book, she summoned the courage to ask the question that has always nagged her: “Who am I? What does it mean to be a Lindrum?”

LINDRUM: In the Blood has two parts. In Part One, Jan recalls clear memories of her father and mother and seeks to understand the characteristics that flow in her blood as a Lindrum, the qualities that help make her who she is.

In Part Two, written aboard ship, Jan takes the reader with her on an adventure as she sails across five of the seven seas in lively pursuit of her parents, her memories, her true self. At a time when individuals are focused on their identity, looking for it in gender and sexuality, or religious, ethnic, political and national affiliation, Jan dives deeply into family and cultural history. She searches for a true and satisfying answer to the questions of who we are and what matters most to us.