Whilst I agree we need to reduce the tax rate, we also need to urgently review the wage system as it is totally out-of-kilter. People at the top end of town are earning millions of dollars whilst those in the engine room are being forced to take up casual positions with no benefits attached. If one looks at the earnings of an Australian male in 1904 versus the earnings of an Australian male of equal standing in 2017, the Australian male in 1904 was better off. That is totally unacceptable.

If you run down the engine room of the nation, the nation gets sick.

Welfare is a massive cost.

Pensions are rapidly becoming a massive cost.

How do we balance the budget and return a surplus?

The answer is simple:

We restructure the wage system. Make employees shareholders in businesses so that they have a vested interest in the success of the business.

We give people a “FAIR GO” by ensuring they have security of tenure, which includes ensuring workers have four weeks holiday a year. The “FAIR GO” principle was intended to ensure that all citizens were treated fairly in order to give them the best shot at achieving their full potential in life not driving them into the ground; seeing them with their backs against the wall.

We reinstate the old system of “articles” so that graduates from the universities are not thrown into industry with little or no experience and into situations where their ethics/morals can easily be compromised/corrupted.

We start ‘caring’ about our people by restoring the Dignity of Personhood Principle.

We reform by reducing the taxation burden and removing the red tape.

If we don’t do that what we will see is the continuing growth of “CASH ONLY” operations; a black economy that is “UNFAIR” to the citizens who contribute to the growth of the nation through payment of tax.